Providing parents, teachers and community leaders with the necessary tools to PROactively build healthy communication while PREVENTing chaotic environments from forming.

At Tranquility, we believe that everyone deserves to live, learn, and interact with confidence, strength, and a sense of empowerment. Our strategy for attaining this mission is based on key principles of Creative Centering:

Behavior Modification
Communication Intelligence
Evidence-Based Yoga… with a laugh!

For 24/7 access to effective solutions for breaking through communication and behavioral barriers, download our exclusive “Tranquility Inc” app, available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Next enrollment begins Nov. 29, 2019!


With TRANQUILITY SCHOOLS, you get a FREE parenting portal for each of your “families.” Our program’s cognitive tools and communication techniques can be applied to every relationship and any situation. Whether it’s with colleagues at work, students in your classroom or relatives in your home, TRANQUILITY SCHOOLS will get everyone on the same page.


Teacher/staff training that can be implemented immediately
Sensory integration through evidence-based yoga
24/7 email support with our top educators (20+ years of behavior experience)
Easy-to-implement strategies to create a calm, supportive environment
Quick, easy movement breaks to uplift and energize
Time management tools to increase productivity
Active listening and mindful response techniques
Online communication intelligence games and puzzles for pre-K through 4th grade
FREE parent portals for all families to seamlessly incorporate the Tranquility philosophy at home

❝ Tranquility has improved the lives of nearly 100,000 families since 2017. ❞

Are you ready to be part of this movement?

4 Steps

Step 1


Step 2

Complete your 20-question family intake.

Step 3

During your first 10 days, show us your commitment to transformation by engaging with our professional guides for real-time support online or in our “TRANQUILITY, INC” app.

Step 4

Based on your level of involvement, you may qualify for a personal call with our Certified Parenting Guides, where you'll have the opportunity to continue with your free portal chat and email support or upgrade to our “ALL-STAR” or “HALL OF FAME” memberships.

(No Payment Required!)

We help you transform:

Behavioral Madness

Self Management





The Alternative to Traditional Therapy.


Engages the head and heart
Encourages a present state-of-mind
Promotes honest communication
Enhances clarity
Eliminates perception filtering


Improves concentration
Enhances cognitive control
Increases positive behaviors
Cultivates compassion for self and others
Reduces stress and anxiety

Common Sense

Easily implementable
Immediately effective
Develops new habits
Simple to understand
Practical applications


Helps control impulses
Supports stress management
Creates emotional awareness
Builds empathy and understanding
Sets healthy boundaries


Quick, easy movement breaks to uplift and energize
Preview our emotional intelligence injections
Online intake review with CPG
Online Assessment with CPG
Unlimited Chat 24/7
3 Introductory videos
30 minute complimentary phone consultation
10 day review with custom 3 month plan



Quick, easy movement breaks to uplift and energize
93 octane emotional intelligence injections
10 day supercharge guarantee
Online intake review with CPG
Online Assessment with CPG
Unlimited chat & phone 24/7
12 videos
10 day review


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